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Sanderijn van der Doef is psychologist and sexologist. She is the author of several best-seller books about sexuality education for young children, adolescents, parents and teachers. Several of her books are translated in German, Danish, Portuguese and Russian.

She is an international expert and leading authority in the field of sexual development and sexuality education of children and young people.

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“Why should we start
as young as possible?”


All books are published in Dutch. Several books are translated in German, Danish, Portuguese and Russian. Dutch books are available at bol.com. Translated books available at amazon.com.

Books for children

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“She really knows how to change my mind”

“Her trainings were the best I have ever experienced”

“A natural born talent”


New E-Book!

E-Book for parents, caregivers and teachers on how to communicate with young children under 12 years old about sexuality, sexual issues and children’s questions.
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  • New books in English!
    Two new books will be published in English language by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Both books are for parents, teachers, caregivers
  • Publications
    Van der Doef, S. and Reinders, J. (2018). ‘Stepwise sexual development of adolescents: the Dutch approach to sexuality education.’ Nature Reviews Urology.
  • TEDxEde
    Children and sexuality: protection or education?: Watch Sanderijn van der Doef at TEDxEde.


Sanderijn van der Doef

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